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Happy Holidays!

At Beebower Productions, we really love two things: Christmas and our Photo of the Month Subscribers.

This year we wanted to do something nice for our subscribers to say thanks for their support, so we put our heads together and came up with the Beebower Productions 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Beginning December 1 (that’s tomorrow), all active Photo of the Month Club Subscribers will receive an email every day for 12 days.  Each email will contain a secret code that they can use to redeem a special gift.

Just click on the link provided in the message, login, and enter that days code.

Then enjoy!


Not Subscribed Yet?  No Problem.

If you already subscribe to our Photo of the Month newsletter, thanks! But, if not, you can join right now. Just complete the form below and you’re in.  C’mon, we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun presents!


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What are we giving away?

Lots of great stuff like 8×10” prints, eBooks and Discounts you can use in our online store. Each email will deliver something new and different. 


Remember, here’s how to play:

  • Subscribe to our Photo of the Month Club
  • Open each Email
  • Copy the secret code
  • Click the button that says, “Click Here”
  • Enter your email address and Paste the code into the form
  • Click the “Enter” button.

Once you paste the code and click the “Enter” button, you’ll see that day’s gift!  If you would like to receive the gift, simply click the “Yes, Please” button.  If not, just click the “No, Thank You” button.

There is a new gift every day, so be sure to look for tomorrow’s email and keep playing!  You never know what you might win.


Merry Christmas!

from The Whole Beebower Family


Giveaway Rules: No purchase is necessary to participate in the giveaway. Participants must live in the continental United States. Everyone who subscribes to the Beebower Productions, Inc. Photo of the Month list and lives in the continental United States may participate in the event by following the directions with each day’s email. Gifts range in value from $10 to $35 each. Each participant may receive up to 12 free gifts. Event runs December 1-12, 2017

P.S. If, for some reason, you want to stop playing the game and getting lots of really cool FREE stuff, you can just click the Unsubscribe link in any email and we’ll remove you from the list.