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Devils Garden

Creativity.  Dad’s never lacked that.  But his imagination ran wild the first time he set foot in the Devils Garden at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah.  Soaring stone arches, curious hoodoos and mushroom rocks made him blink twice to make sure he wasn’t imagining things.  After all it was pretty early in the […]


Top Ten Things in Dad’s Wildlife Camera Bag

When hunting wildlife, a photographer needs a variety of weapons at his disposal.  Dad’s arsenal contains ten basic pieces that allow him to photograph everything from birds to bears: 1. Canon EOS-ID Mark IV camera body This camera really gets the job done.  At a powerful ten frames a second, Dad easily captures moving subjects […]

The-E-Kit | Beebower Productions

The E-Kit To The Rescue

For as long as I can remember it held a place of honor in the van.  It overflowed with tools, gadgets and a lot of zip ties.  That sucker easily weighed a ton.  However, we gave much honor and respect to the monstrous, gigantic, blue E-Kit. My Dad’s emergency kit often saved the day when […]

Save-the-Cranes | Beebower Productions

Save the Cranes!

They’re international jet setters, flying 2,500 miles just for some tasty food and warm winter weather.  Like any good A-Lister celebrity, whooping cranes steal the show everywhere they fly. These five-foot-tall birds make an amazing journey each year from their nesting grounds at Wood Buffalo National Park in the Northwest Territories of Canada to Aransas […]


When Photo Shoots Fail Part 2

Every professional photographer experiences failure. Sometimes we spend a lot of money to travel to a fantastic location for a limited amount of time and a giant storm hits tanking our plans. Maybe a crowded photo hot spot with lots of restrictions makes it challenging to get one photo much less multiple show stoppers. Occasionally […]


When Photo Shoots Fail

We arrived early and staked out our spot on the beach.  We waited patiently with other photographers for sunset at the magical Keyhole Arch at Pfeiffer Beach in California.  Then we heard it.  A distinct hum filled the air and the heads of 12 photographers swiveled to and fro searching for the source.  It was… […]


At Beebower Productions, we really love two things: Christmas and our Photo of the Month Subscribers. This year we wanted to do something nice for you to say thanks for your support, so we put our heads together and came up with the Beebower Productions 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Gift-Certificates | Beebower Productions

Gift Certificates!

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special, but you aren’t sure what to buy?  No problem!  We’ve got you covered with Beebower Productions’ Gift Certificates.  Simply choose the dollar amount of $25, $50, $75 or $100.  Once you’ve paid for the certificate, you’ll receive an email containing the gift certificate and online code.  Print […]

High-Country-Fly-Fishing | Beebower Productions

High Country Fly Fishing

The $1,250.00 radio made a loud plopping noise as it splashed into the lake.  It slowly dropped three feet down in icy water before hitting the bottom of the chilly lake.  Everyone froze.  The main line of communication between Dad and his model just sank. They needed that radio.  Someone needed to fish that thing […]

Burning Down The House | Beebower Productions

Burning Down The House

We’d heard rumors of Native American ruins with a roof that breathed fire. We even found jaw-dropping pictures of the place.  The name “House on Fire” certainly seemed to fit.  But we had burning questions: Did the rocks above these ruins really look like a ball of flames? Or did someone just play with fire […]

Roper at Sunset | Beebower Productions

Roper At Sunset

  Like Indiana Jones, the lure of adventure gnawed at Dad. Big Bend National Park’s desolate, rough terrain dotted with cacti, stunning mountain peaks and a peaceful winding river persuaded him to hightail it south. Dad had seen some spectacular photographs of the park in a book and wasted no time. The next thing we […]

Creative Secret Sauce Part 1 | Beebower Productions

Creative Secret Sauce Part 2

Last week we revealed that Dad’s creative process involves watching lots of Westerns, studying old paintings and doodling on copious amounts of paper.  This week we’ll reveal more of Dad’s secret sauce of creativity. But first to recap:  Dad starts by sketching the kernel of an idea he gleaned from the said Westerns, paintings and […]


Creative Secret Sauce Part 1

Every artist has one: a creative process that takes a kernel of an idea to a finished photograph.  Dad’s creative process involves watching lots of Westerns, studying old paintings and doodling on copious amounts of paper. While his wildlife photography doesn’t follow this process because, well, the animals are wild, all of his other images […]

Top 10 Hairiest Photo Shoots | Beebower Productions

Top 10 Hairiest Photo Shoots Part 2

After repeatedly getting the question, “What’s the craziest or most dangerous thing you’ve done to get a photograph?”, we shared five of Dad’s hairiest photo shoots.  This week we’ll count down the remaining five to find out Dad’s most precarious shoot ever.  #5 Horse Stampede    Dad found himself buried underground in a steel water […]

Top 10 Hairiest Photo Shoots | Beebower Productions

Top 10 Hairiest Photo Shoots Part 1

People often ask, “What’s the craziest or most dangerous thing you’ve done to get a photograph?”  There have been quite a few wild and precarious situations Dad’s found himself in over 35 years of being a professional photographer.  We’ve narrowed it down to the top ten stories involving our intrepid photographer.  We’ll share five stories […]

Desert Oasis | Beebower Productions

Desert Oasis

The predawn cold seeped into our bones despite three layers of clothing.  As Dad, my husband and I walked to our shooting locations in the dark, the ponds were eerily quiet.  The soft hoot of an owl broke the stillness just as we began setting up our gear.  Then complete silence again.  As the sun […]

Baby, It's Cold Outside | Beebower Productions

Baby It’s Cold Outside

He couldn’t ignore a triple dog dare.  But you knew what was coming next.  One lick and Flick was stuck to that flagpole.  Stuuucck.  Stuck!  The whaling and crying was epic.  That classic scene from “A Christmas Story” sums up the trouble with shooting in freezing weather.  Moisture.  While you probably won’t be stuck to […]


Madera Canyon Magic

If you want stunning hummingbird photos head to the magical Madera Canyon in Southeastern Arizona.  At any given time, 15 different types of feisty little hummingbirds pass through this mountain oasis. These little birds have their own magic act.  Their speed makes them appear and disappear as fast as Harry Houdini.  They can fly forward, […]

Remaking Marlboro | Beebower Productions

Remaking Marlboro

Growing up, everyone knew him.  He was synonymous with cool. The Marlboro Man brought the rugged, tough American cowboy to life for folks across the country.  And he sold an awful lot of cigarettes. In 1955 the Philip Morris Company was looking to rebrand their cigarettes to appeal to a wider audience, namely men as […]

Capture to Canvas

From Capture to Canvas | Our Top 3 Post-Production Tools

  Every artist draws from a pool of tools that help him excel at his chosen craft.  In addition to his favorite camera gear, Dad has three post-production tools that he can’t live without.  While times have changed drastically since he started using these about 20 years ago, they are still Dad’s “go-to” tools. Photoshop […]

Are We There Yet Part 3 | Beebower Productions

Are We There Yet? (Part 3)

You’re probably wondering if this trip is ever going to end.  Dad’s epic photo adventure through Northern California, Oregon and Washington state lasted six weeks.  Up and down the mountains, to the coast and over the river the little Mouse House (the folks’ Casita) rolled.  Today we’ll explore Oregon and Washington’s treasures before heading home […]

Are we There Yet? | Beebower Productions

Are We There Yet? (Part2)

After two successful weeks of exploring California’s Central Coast, Dad continued on his epic, really, really long photo quest through California.  Mom and Dad crammed a lot of sightseeing into this half of their trip.  As a result, they only stayed a few days at each stop.   The “Mouse House” (the folks’ Casita) left […]

Nesting Brandt's Cormorants

Are We There Yet? (Part 1)

The fabled Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California was proving to be illusive.  Dad and I had repeatedly cruised up and down Highway 1 looking for Sycamore Canyon Road and the little bakery my massage therapist had assured me would be near the turn-off.  No canyon road and no bakery.  No beach.  No Keyhole Arch.  […]

Big Bass Blunder | Beebower Productions

Big Bass Blunder

We rarely talk about that day.  It’s too awkward.  It was the day I sent my husband on a low-key photo shoot with my Dad.  I blissfully thought it would be a great chance for them to bond since we hadn’t been married that long.  I never dreamed Dad would go into, well, “work mode” […]

CrestedCrested Caracara Landing

A Steal of a Deal

For most professional photographers, equipment can make or break you, literally.  Cameras and lenses aren’t cheap.  When you’re shooting wildlife you really need those long lenses in the 400mm-800mm range that start at $10,000 minimum.  Yet, photography doesn’t make you rich.  But to make any money you need those long lenses.  It’s like a dog […]

Breakfast on the Run | Beebower Productions

Breakfast On The Run | Wildlife Photography

Rounding Up Wildlife Photography If you build it, they will come.   With that thought, professional wildlife photography blinds began popping up at John and Audrey Martin’s ranch in South Texas.  Soon a watering hole made an appearance.  Then photographers, like my Dad, traveled great distances to capture the treasures of Martin Refuge with their […]

Growing Up Beebower | Beebower Productions

Growing Up Beebower

  When you grow up in your family’s photo studio there are a couple of inevitabilities: You will end up in a photo. You will get into trouble. And you will learn to appreciate your family. During my childhood my toys were backdrops, strobe lights and 2x4s left over from building a studio set. I […]

Longhorn Roundup

Longhorn Roundup

  Hugh could “see” racing longhorns being chased by cowboys much like a painter envisions his finished piece of art before he ever picks up a paintbrush. Hugh knew he could create this piece of old West art using real photos and blending techniques in Adobe Photoshop. Hugh shot this dramatic scene in pieces, employing […]

Cowboy Cookbook

Cowboy Cooking

  Q&A with Hugh Beebower about Legends of a Range Cook Hugh Beebower delivers Cowboy Cooking at its finest in his new book, Legends of a Range Cook, a Journey into “Old West” Cooking.  Hugh conceived, designed and self published the book.  His friend, Red Wolverton, narrates with his real cowboy and chuckwagon experiences.  Hugh’s […]

Hummingbirds | Beebower Productions


How did Hugh get all of those colorful little hummingbirds to show up for their photo sessions? He set up an irresistible banquet. Attracting hummingbirds is pretty simple.  They need four things:  nectar, protein, water and shelter.  Luckily for Hugh his daughter Denise, at one point, lived in southeastern Arizona, the hummingbird capital of America.  […]